Vanilla Macarons

Last weekend I made vanilla macarons using the French meringue method. I followed The Ultimate Macaron Recipe which I found on the Good Housekeeping website. I had okay results, but I could definitely tell the difference between the macarons I baked using the Italian meringue method last time round and these ones. These macarons were crumblier, drier, not chewy in the middle, not as smooth on top and had lower ‘feet’ (the ruffly bit at the bottom of the shell). The French meringue is known to be not as stable as the Italian meringue, which may be why I also had my first cracked shell!

These macarons were filled with a vanilla buttercream; the pairing of this buttercream with the sweet shells is verging on sweetness overload, so I think next time I make vanilla macarons I will look to make some adjustments. I’ve since learnt that the buttercream in this recipe is American buttercream, and is known for being very sweet. Next time, perhaps I will try to make a Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream, which are not as sweet. As you can see, I had fun decorating a few of the macarons with gold and silver lustre powder and edible beads!

Published by

Helena Davies

Baker and Linguist based in Cardiff, Wales.

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