Lemon Macarons

And so my macaron adventures continue! Last weekend I decided to have a go at baking lemon macarons. I followed the BBC Good Food macarons recipe for making the shells, and the BBC Food lemon curd recipe for the filling. It’s funny, because whilst this is the fourth time I’ve made macarons, the more I make them, the less confident I get! There is always some new issue to contend with! This time, I had a bit of an issue with air in my piping bag and bumpy tops. On the plus side, the shells were nice and full and they had lovely smooth bottoms! I’m not very keen on the shade of yellow I achieved, so I will need to work on that.

Previously I have filled macarons with a ganache or buttercream, so I was keen to see how a curd would work out. The curd tasted lovely and very tangy – a great contrast to the sweet shells, but as I expected, the moisture soaked a lot into the shells reducing the crisp initial bite, making them a little soggy and causing the chewiness to disappear. As a result, there is no real contrast in texture. I think some people add cornflour to the curd to thicken it up, which sounds like a very good idea. I think I will look into some different options for the filling, for example maybe using both a buttercream and a curd. In any case, these lemon macarons still taste rather delicious!

Published by

Helena Davies

Baker and Linguist based in Cardiff, Wales.

4 thoughts on “Lemon Macarons”

  1. Hi Helena,

    Thank you for sharing your journey on how tom make the perfect macarons. Practice makes perfect!!
    Also, thank you for the follow up. Looking forward to seeing more of your macarons on wordpress!

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