Orange French Madeleines

About three weeks ago, I made French madeleines for the second time. Due to lockdowns and the Covid-19 situation, I hadn’t seen my family for 7 months, so I was really looking forward to our trip to Surrey to see them again. Living in Wales, I don’t get to see my family very often at the best of times, so I wanted to bake something nice to take with me. I really enjoyed making French madeleines the first time I tried, so I decided to change the recipe slightly and make orange French madeleines. I followed Mary Berry’s recipe on page 151 of her book 100 Cakes and Bakes, but instead of lemon zest, I added orange zest.

The bake was pretty straightforward. The recipe is supposed to make 30 madeleines but I only got 23.5 out of it, so maybe my tin has bigger moulds than Mary’s?!? I put both batches in for 9 minutes and both came out with nice bumps, although the second batch had a nicer colour (why, I do not know!). This time I let Will try one straight from the oven (good wife points) with some icing sugar on top – they are so nice fresh! Flavour-wise I was a bit disappointed, as the orange zest was not very prominent. The lemon zest madeleines were really tangy, but other than a mild citrus flavour, you didn’t get the same flavour intensity from the orange zest. But overall, they were really tasty!

Published by

Helena Davies

Baker and Linguist based in Cardiff, Wales.

10 thoughts on “Orange French Madeleines”

  1. These look spectacular! And great inspiration! I’m going to try some brown butter madeleines soon, hopefully they come out as good as yours!

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